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About Nader Eloshaiker

Software Developer and Founder of Rotate Gears. Nader is an Electrical Engineer in Computer Systems. He has a solid background in game development using Cocos2D having contributed code to the project and helped author a book on the topic.

Using CCActionSpeed in CCActionRepeat

In this developer blog post, I am going to demonstrate a design pattern that will allow you to dynamically adjust the speed of a repeating animation sequence in Cocos2D v3.x .

Basic Animation Sequence

A common requirement of an animation sequence is to dynamically adjust the speed of the sequence. Let’s use an heart beat as an example […]

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Cocos2D iPhone 3.0 Beginners Guide

Late last year, I was approached by Packt Publishing to author a book on game development using Cocos2D iPhone 3.0. I gave this opportunity a lot of thought but came to the conclusion that I cannot dedicate the required time to create the book as well as the game […]

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Cocos2D v3 and Physics MouseJoint

While migrating my game code to v3, I had a UI element that incorporated physics to give the user interaction a sense of depth and familiarity. I believe this is an important element to UI design as not only gives a sense of polish but an intuitive feel that the user can identify […]

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