Welcome to Rotate Gears

Welcome to Rotate Gears 2018-01-05T21:22:57+00:00

Rotate Gears is the product of two best friends with similar goals and passions who decided to team up and develop an iOS game. However as this task has grown in scope, we have decided in the meantime, to release an app that showcases a feature we have included in the game. We have put this development blog together to pass on some of our lessons learned. Why learn the hard way when you can learn from other people’s mistakes.

Cocos2d Game Development Blueprints

By | February 16th, 2015|

After helping author "Cocos2D iPhone 3.0 Beginners Guide" from Packt Publishing last year, they asked if I wouldn't mind helping them with another more advanced book. This book was to cover design patterns for [...]