Mark Cavallo

Graphic Designer

Keen to get into the industry, Mark Cavallo began to free-lance well before completing his studies; designing logos, business cards and brochures for small to medium sized businesses. Word of mouth and an abundance of work convinced him to start his first business CAV Design.

Mark soon started to see the advantage of offering website services, expanding his business and registering a new company, AEON Graphics. AEON specialised in large online databases and ecommerce as well as providing dynamic Flash environments and animation. During this time he worked with Nader Eloshaiker, who provided all of the back-end expertise, programming and advanced Flash scripting. Mark has also had extensive experience developing graphical user interfaces for large control systems in the power and mining industry.

After some years in the industry, Mark opted for a change in environment. He studied Technical Trade and joined his father’s business, working his way up to managing the workshop that services the heavy and light rail systems throughout Australia and Hong Kong.

Mark has always enjoyed the physical aspect of working with his hands and keeping active. However, unable to give up his creative passion completely, he has registered a new, part-time business Brussel Sprout Media, where he continues to offer creative graphic design and web solutions.

In addition he has welcomed the opportunity to team up with Nader and developer iOS software as Rotate Gears.

Mark Cavallo