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  • The in-app purchase farce

The in-app purchase farce

I have been gaming for over 25 years, and even now, with my own family, I would consider myself a hardcore gamer. Whilst i am extremely excited about the technological advancements we have seen in this time, I have to admit I have lost a little faith in this seemingly greed-driven industry.


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  • We are still here...

We are still here…

Well it has been some time since we have posted anything on the site or social media. However it is not for lack of news. We are happy to say that development is still in progress, though it has taken a slightly different turn.

Since the release of Spinner Select, we discussed the idea of […]

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Using CCActionSpeed in CCActionRepeat

In this developer blog post, I am going to demonstrate a design pattern that will allow you to dynamically adjust the speed of a repeating animation sequence in Cocos2D v3.x .

Basic Animation Sequence

A common requirement of an animation sequence is to dynamically adjust the speed of the sequence. Let’s use an heart beat as an example […]

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