Download Spinner Select

Spinner Select – The fun app to make your mind up.

Rotate Gears is thrilled to announce the release of Spinner Select on the App Store. Create a wheel, add your choices to it and then spin the wheel. When the wheel stops, boom, you have your decision. The real fun from using Spinner Select is it’s ultra-realistic spinner and that is because we went to great lengths to simulate the physics of a real spinning wheel.

Spinner Select is a level selector used in our upcoming game that we are excited to be working on. We were so pleased with this feature that we decided to develop it further and release it as a stand alone app. This is the perfect and fun tool to use when you are undecided about something and are happy to leave your decision to chance (or perhaps physics). Simply create a wheel and spin it, the simulated ultra-realistic physics of a real spinning wheel will truely give you a random selection.

Features include:

  • Customise your own wheels
  • Create as many wheels as you like
  • Change the order of wheels
  • Change the order of choices in the wheel
  • Have a custom background for each wheel
  • Displays previous 10 spins to see when a choice is getting too much love
  • Have as many choices you can fit on a wheel
  • Customise each wheel segment with a photo
  • RPM counter and record display – try to beat your fastest spin!
  • Multi-Lingual character supported for wheel names and selection names

Please download the app and let us know what you think. We hope you enjoy it.