After helping author “Cocos2D iPhone 3.0 Beginners Guide” from Packt Publishing last year, they asked if I wouldn’t mind helping them with another more advanced book. This book was to cover design patterns for different game profiles using Cocos2D Swift v3 aimed at either established game developers whom are learning Objective-C or established Objective-C programmers learning game development. After several months of technical reviews, I am happy to announce that the book is now finished and published.

Jorge JordánThe author is Jorge Jordán and the book is titled “Cocos2d Game Development Blueprints“. If that name sounds familiar, then it is because you have have already referred to some of his tutorials as he is a well established contributor on Ray Wenderlich’s game development site. Jorge knows game development and has a deep breadth of experience that shines through the entire book.

Jorge covers typical game design patterns such as platform, scrollers, Tower Defence and physics games. He also covers off important features such as saving preferences, game-center integration, particle systems and AI enemies. The chapters and tutorials take full advantage of Cocos2D’s game engine and the sample games are actually usable as a good start for the game you are developing.

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Cocos2d Game Development BlueprintsPlease note that as a technical reviewer I do not receive any proceeds from this book. So when I recommend it, it’s because it is a book worth having for a game developer!

I’d also like to promote the fact that Packt Publishing are very supportive of Opensource and regularly donate back to the Opensource projects. It’s not common to see business recognize these initiatives let alone financially support them.

I myself have a few Opensource projects and know many whom use it, but have never received a donation for my efforts which have benefited them. So please buy direct from them if you are able to rather than an intermediary.