Late last year, I was approached by Packt Publishing to author a book on game development using Cocos2D iPhone 3.0. I gave this opportunity a lot of thought but came to the conclusion that I cannot dedicate the required time to create the book as well as the game I am developing. Packt Publishing then offered me the option of becoming a technical reviewer which I was more than happy to take up. Fast forward several months and the book is done.

KirillMuzykovThe author is Kirill Muzykov and his work is brilliant and the book is titled Cocos2D iPhone 3.0 Beginners Guide. Beginners will have a smooth path to game development in Cocos2D iPhone 3.0 with this helpful and well written guide. I had a great time working with Packt Publishing and Kirill and highly recommend this book.

Please note that as a technical reviewer I do not receive any proceeds from this book. So when I recommend it, it’s because it really is a very good and informative book!

Kirill covers topics you would expect such as rendering sprites, animation, scene management and music playback. However he also goes into more in-depth topics such as Chipmunk Physics with it’s tight integration into Objective-c and Cocos2D API, Game Center with leader-boards and achievements as well as In-App Purchases and App-Store preparation.

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cocos2d-bookI’d also like to promote the fact that Packt Publishing are very supportive Opensource and regularly donate back to the opensource projects. It’s not common to see business recognize these initiatives let alone financially support them. I myself have a few opensource projects and know many whom use it, but have never received a donation for my efforts which have benefited them. So please buy direct from them if you are able to rather than an intermediary.