When I first started working on the graphics for this game I thought it would be simple using Blender. There are walls in this game – lots of walls. The tiling that has been used is not your typical iso perspective, but rather a top down view with a 45° offset to show walls on 2 sides:

blender-viewaI researched this view for some time and simply could not even find a specific name for it, so I gave it the name Unorthodox Perspective. Therefore I was not surprised to find that Blender’s camera views had no such settings for an unorthodox perspective to help me. I tried variations of Ortho views, placing the camera top down and angling it to show 2 sides equally – however no matter what parameters I entered, I was unable to achieve this perspective with perpendicular walls on the vertical and horizontal axis.

This is where a little trickery was required to achieve an unorthodox perspective.

In this example I have drawn a 1 x 2H rectangle. I knew I could get one axis to display correctly so with the camera set to Ortho, I rotated the X axis 28° – this allows you to see the southern wall of the rectangle. From here – there are no parameters that will allow you to see the western wall whilst keeping the X axis perfectly horizontal.

Blender Ortho View

Therefore the rectangle itself needs to be modified to show this. This can be done very simply using a lattice – and applying this lattice to any object you create. The lattice in this example is simply a rectangle that is large enough to envelop the object with the U, V & W parameters set as 2 and ‘Linear’.

Blender Lattice

Applying this to the object results in a 45° angle and when in camera view, allows you to see the western wall as well as the southern wall.

Blender Lattice

When working on the object, so as not to work at an awkward 45° angle – you can simply remove the lattice modifier from the object until you are finished and ready to render.


Here you can see the modifier has been applied to a number of different segments to create a wall.

After some time and frustration spent finding a solution to this issue I have decided to create the walls in 2D, using Sketch. This a decision based on the style as well as time, given that it will be a faster process.

However it has not been wasted time, as I still use this lattice technique when creating certain assets I need in the game that require this perspective (that I still do not have a name for!).