Well it has been some time since we have posted anything on the site or social media. However it is not for lack of news. We are happy to say that development is still in progress, though it has taken a slightly different turn.

Since the release of Spinner Select, we discussed the idea of developing a new game that we believe we can release sooner. The original game we were working on (and hope to complete in the future) was a much larger project than originally anticipated. After completing our first app, we were even more determined to get a game out there as quickly as possible.

Late last year we agreed that we would develop a new game, drawing from the vast amount of experience we have gained. Whilst still a long process, coupled with the fact that we have full time jobs, it is much easier to see this game being completed in the near future.

It is a shame we cannot give any details away as yet – but we are making good progress and cannot wait to show you the results of our efforts.