Teamcenter Admin View is a utility that allows detailed analysis of configuration files for Teamcenter Engineering (TcE) from Siemens PLM Software. It will allow you to view and analyze exported Ruletrees and Workflow Procedure files. I released this as open source as there was hesitation from companies about what the code might be doing giving that it was interpreting security configurations for manufacturer’s intellectual property.


This is an open source project and code is hosted both, at SourceForge and GitHub although I consider GitHub to be the master. Java Binaries are located on SourceForge servers.

Download Teamcenter Admin View

Open Source Code

Code can be cloned or forked from GitHub (I also replicated the code of SourceForge for completeness but I only track the GitHub repo).

Here is a summary of the features:

Access Manager

  • Search the RuleTree and Named ACLs for specific criteria.
  • List all Named ACL’s for both RuleTree and Workflows.
  • Filter and Sort Named ACL’s
  • Reverse look up of ACLs in Rule Tree.
  • Copy any part of the GUI to the clipboard.

Access Manager Comparisons

  • Compare RuleTrees to show different and missing entries between the two exports.
  • Compare ACLs to show different and missing entries between two exports.

Procedure Manager

  • Load Procedure File and view cadence of task, handlers and Attributes
  • Tabulate procedures to view all handlers and where they occur within a procedure.